We Didn’t Notice Our Anniversary This Year. Here’s Why.

Cupcakes in celebration of Richardson Media Group's third anniversary.

​​It’s funny to look back on the first two anniversaries of Richardson Media Group. Celebrating those first and second milestones felt incredibly gratifying. With each one, I allowed myself time to acknowledge the hard work we’d put in and the newfound accomplishments we’d earned.

In contrast, our third anniversary this past August 1st came and went without even a requisite glass of bubbly, much less any other fanfare. I will admit to drinking a glass of red wine when I got home (as I always do) but I didn’t pause between sips to contemplate anything special. Tuesday was just a regular day at the office, full of phone calls, media plan negotiations, and signing off on monthly operating expense checks.

​What does this say about where we are at today compared to when we started?

Here are a few thoughts:

  1. We’re no longer acting like a start up. Our focus has shifted away from the initial setup phase to building up our infrastructure to include efficiencies and other internal enhancements for future growth. We’ve gone from being a sole proprietorship to a corporation, a move recommended to us by our accounting firm. Not only does this change in our legal status provide necessary protections via the “corporate veil,” it also tells the world we are here to stay.
  2. We’re hiring. Earlier this summer, I hired an Operations Manager who has brought exponential value to the table even in her short tenure so far. She has taken a deep dive into our company processes, highlighting areas needing improvement and developing new, more streamlined procedures. She’s really smart and incredibly spirited. I’ve had to let go of the reins, a little. It’s been good all around, and we’re seeing tangible benefits already.
  3. Our target audience is more defined. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not turning away business, but over the past three years, we have built a significant portfolio of work, demonstrating extensive experience within specific industries, such as education and professional services. We’ve gained confidence from this and enjoy showcasing these case studies to our prospects. As a result, our new business efforts have been increasingly successful.
  4. We know who we are. We are strategic media planners & buyers, first and foremost. It’s our core service, our area of expertise and where we look forward to the most growth. Secure in our identity, we’ve begun partnering with other shops in and around New England who don’t have an internal media department, creating mutually beneficial and reciprocal relationships stemming from each of us doing what we do best. Acknowledging who we are and who we want to be has been the first step towards establishing a network of effective collaborations.

“I remain incredibly inspired by entrepreneurship and derive strength in finding opportunity despite the volatility of today’s economy as well as the ever-changing marketing industry.”

​Truth is, the journey continues and every day confronts us with new challenges. Doing our best work, keeping open channels of communication, seeking partnerships with other talented marketing folks, and prioritizing ongoing professional development will serve us well into the future.

Happy belated third anniversary, Richardson Media Group.

Maybe we’ll get a cake next year.

Anne Richardson

Anne Richardson is the owner and media director of Richardson Media Group, an agency specializing in media planning and buying, advertising campaign management, and SEO.


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