Content Marketing Company Serving Greater Boston

A well-conceived content marketing strategy goes far beyond simply adding text to a website page. In today’s world of online marketing, it’s imperative that your content perform on many levels — lifting your brand, informing and engaging your audience, and fulfilling those ever-changing search engine requirements.

Similar to our Media Planning process, we begin every content project with a strategic intake session during which we ask a series of in-depth questions to get to the core of your content marketing goals, campaign expectations, and your brand. We ask you to share any existing market research with us, too.

From there, we prepare a content marketing strategy that may include:

  • Brand guidelines.
  • Value propositions.
  • Buyer personas.
  • Voice and messaging guidelines.
  • Editorial calendar.

When it’s time to start writing, we apply our knowledge of technical SEO, incorporating keyword research, content standards, and current search engine requirements, along with an understanding of the kinds of topics that will best serve your particular organization and raise its profile across the web and throughout the marketplace. Depending on your brand, we may write:

  • Blog posts
  • eBooks
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Ghost-written articles for industry and trade publications

It’s important for your content to be highly visible to users who are searching online, so we factor in potential search queries, write like real humans, and provide your IT team with support on tagging, meta-descriptions, and links.

A professionally developed and well-managed content marketing strategy, in combination with other tactical recommendations such as SEO optimization or digital advertising, is essential to building brand recognition and ensuring your company’s long term online success.

“Working in verticals that can often be quite technical, we have very specific and high standards for content production. Richardson Media Group’s content support services exceeded my expectations in every way — from the quality of their content to the professional manner in which they interface with clients. I highly recommend Richardson Media Group for content support services.”