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Your organization’s marketing goals are at the heart of an effective advertising campaign. They are the foundation for our recommendations and help us determine which tactics we will use to achieve those goals. But that’s just the start. Advertising campaigns are never static; they continually evolve as our assumptions, beliefs, initial research and messaging is tested and refined.

There are five basic steps to creating and implementing a successful advertising campaign:

1. Discovery

We'll start by facilitating a strategic intake session that focuses on a discussion of your brand, your target audiences, and the level of awareness your brand currently enjoys in the marketplace. Before we build your media plan, we need to understand your business and your marketing objectives. We’ll dig into your corporate persona, identify your customers or prospects, learn what sets you apart from the competition and listen to and learn from your past advertising experiences.

2. Planning

Based on your campaign objectives and target audiences, we'll recommend the most effective and efficient media mix. Our media plans use a variety of tactics to get your brand message in front of the right people at the right time. We'll provide a project timeline, a budget and estimated outcomes from the campaign.

3. Implementation

We serve as your agent, contracting with media vendors and purchasing available media space on your behalf. This includes negotiating with media outlets to get the most effective prices and placement options, signing media vendor contracts, submitting insertion orders, trafficking creative deliverables, and reconciling vendor invoices post-buy. Should a vendor fail to deliver as promised, we'll pursue appropriate action on your behalf. ​

4. Measurement

Your advertising campaign must get the best possible return on investment and accomplish the goals defined at the outset of the campaign. Using our digital metrics dashboard, we'll review and analyze metrics and offer regular reporting on your media campaign so you know exactly how it is performing. Campaign metrics reports include an overview of campaign engagement and measure progress towards pre-established conversion goals.

5. Optimization

Continually reviewing media metrics and performance data allows us to make informed recommendations on ways to improve your campaign outcomes. We often conduct A/B testing of images or headlines and evaluate multiple versions of button language for optimum CTA’s. We use Google Analytics combined with third party data from the media platforms to clarify and support our optimization suggestions.

RMG also takes a strategic approach to SEO:


We'll conduct an initial audit of your website's onsite and offsite SEO. Typically, we present our observations in the form of an instructional video facilitated by our resident SEO expert.

Keyword Planning

Included in this initial audit is some preliminary keyword planning to give you a feel for the industry terms you should be ranking for and the corresponding search volume of those keywords.


We'll perform competitive research to see which of your fellow organizations are appearing on page one of SERPS based on particular search terms.


We're interested in finding out how many backlinks your website has earned at the outset.

Setting Benchmarks

When we meet for our first SEO reporting session we will include keyword ranking benchmarks to show progress over time.

Content Recommendations

Throughout an SEO campaign, we make suggestions for new content to be added in the form of meta data, blog posts, email or podcast transcripts, or new web page copy. Whenever new content is added to your website we will conduct a sweep to make sure it is optimized properly.

Ready to launch a campaign?

Richardson Media Group has been doing SEO work for one of our clients for over a year now with great success. They’ve consistently achieved excellent results and are constantly seeking new ways to improve rankings. Their reporting is fantastic and easy for our clients to process and they have always been flexible with all of our requests. They are a great partner.
Andrea Cairnes
Senior Designer