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Richardson Media Group knows how to use advertising and SEO to achieve your organization’s marketing goals. Our agency’s dual, complementary service areas cover an array of marketing challenges including lead generation, building brand awareness and increasing website traffic, just to name a few.

Our B Corp marketing agency was deliberately built upon a partnership model that has allowed us to stay entirely focused on what we do best: Paid Media Advertising and SEO.

Ready to Launch a Paid Media or SEO Campaign?

How to Create a Successful Advertising Campaign

1. Discover

The strategic intake session allows us to take an overarching view of your brand, build profiles of your target audiences, and examine potential media campaign objectives. We use this carefully cultivated information to build your advertising plan. Intake questions include a deep dive into your corporate persona, descriptions of your customers/prospects, what differentiates you from your competition and how you may (or may not) have used advertising in the past.

2. Plan

Based on your campaign objectives and defined target audiences, we'll recommend the most effective traditional and/or digital marketing mix. Our media plans typically include a variety of media tactics designed to get your brand’s message in front of the right people at the right time. As part of the planning process, we provide you with a media plan timeline, a detailed budget allocation and comprehensive descriptions of how the different media platforms are expected to perform.

3. Implement

Our buyers are well-versed in both traditional and digital media. Prior to purchasing media, we negotiate the most effective prices and placement options so your ads land in front of the right target audiences. From there, we traffic your advertising materials to vendors and ensure a smooth launch to each campaign. Should a vendor fail to deliver as contracted, we'll pursue appropriate action on your behalf.

4. Measure

Using our customized media metrics dashboard, we review and analyze digital platform data, offering real-time reporting on your media campaign so you know exactly how it is performing. Campaign metrics reports include an overview of campaign impression delivery, clicks, views and completions while measuring progress towards pre-established conversion and return on investment goals.

5. Optimize

Continually reviewing advertising performance data allows us to make informed recommendations on ways to improve your campaign. We often conduct A/B testing of images or headlines and evaluate multiple versions of CTA language to encourage optimum conversions. We use Google Analytics combined with third party data from the media platforms to clarify and inform our suggestions.

Anne Richardson owner and media director at a Richardson Media Group.

Richardson Media Group Takes a Strategic Approach to SEO

1. SEO Website Audit

We'll conduct an initial audit of your website's on-site and off-site SEO. Typically, we present our observations in the form of a guided presentation facilitated by our senior SEO strategist. You’ll get insight into your website’s health, competitive landscape, vital SEO metrics, common mistakes we find on your pages, and more which will all guide our upcoming SEO campaign work.

2. Keyword Planning

After completing your SEO website audit, our strategist will provide you with a preliminary keyword list. This will help you get a feel for the industry terms you should be ranking for and the corresponding search volume for those keywords. We will recommend a variety of long-tail keywords which will serve as the framework for our content development plans.

3. Competitive Analysis

Competitive SEO research tells us which of your fellow organizations are appearing on page one of SERPs based on particular search terms. We work tirelessly to come up with a variety of effective SEO strategies in order to improve your website’s rankings and ultimately leapfrog your competition.

4. Internal and External Links

We take into account how many links are visible on your website. Although it is important to have high-quality backlinks, building an internal linking structure will also improve your website’s visibility on search engine results. Our goal is to integrate an internal link journey from one page to another to improve the performance and user experience of your domain.

5. Content Recommendations

Throughout your SEO campaign, we make suggestions for new content to be added in the form of metadata, blog posts, podcast transcripts, landing pages, images, and more. Whenever new content is added to your website, we will step in to ensure it is optimized properly ahead of implementation.


Our Digital Marketing Agency Combines Paid Media and SEO

The power and relative speed of Paid Media’s impact on your brand combined with the long-term foundational benefits of SEO work together to bring users to your website for a positive brand experience. Whether the referral channel is paid or organic (or both) our ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your website and encourage the user (through relevant content and user experience) to complete a Call to Action.

A diagram showing how paid media and SEO work in unison.
Richardson Media Group has been doing SEO work for one of our clients for over a year now with great success. They’ve consistently achieved excellent results and are constantly seeking new ways to improve rankings. Their reporting is fantastic and easy for our clients to process and they have always been flexible with all of our requests. They are a great partner.
Andrea Cairnes
Senior Designer