Resource: A Practical Guide to Multi-Layered Advertising Campaigns

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Advertising campaigns perform more effectively if they include a combination of strategically-chosen media platforms. Multi-layered campaigns increase the likelihood that your ads will reach your target audience and that your target audience will respond favorably.

As a strategic media planning and buying agency, we negotiate and manage advertising campaigns and work with brands to raise their profiles across multiple delivery platforms. We always recommend that our clients take a multi-layered approach to media campaigns.

In our latest SlideShare presentation, we map out three reasons we believe you should take a multi-layered approach to media campaigns, identify the pros and cons of different types of media vehicles, and share a few thoughts about ad fraud prevention. Here’s a brief outline:

  • Why a Multi-Layered Campaign? Multi-layered campaigns align with consumer behavior, allowing you to meet your audience where they live within their busy day, helping you achieve the right balance of reach and frequency, and reducing creative fatigue.
  • Traditional Media Vehicles. Traditional media vehicles are tried and true, and incredibly valuable for raising awareness. They include print publications, outdoor and transit, and broadcast TV and radio.
  • Digital Media Vehicles. Digital media vehicles are always evolving, as are the ways in which they can be used. They include digital display, retargeting, paid social, paid search, and streaming audio and video, among countless other options and tactics.
  • Ad Fraud Prevention. Ad fraud does happen, especially in the digital space. But there are ways to make sure your campaigns are protected.

For more details about the benefits of multi-layered campaigns, take a look at our SlideShare presentation.

A Practical Guide to Multi-Layered Media Campaigns from Richardson Media Group

If you’d like a hand developing and implementing a multi-layered media campaign, please get in touch. We’d be happy to guide you through the process step-by-step.

Anne Richardson

Anne Richardson is the owner and media director of Richardson Media Group, an agency specializing in media planning and buying, advertising campaign management, and SEO.


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