Our Mission at Richardson Media Group

Running a Woman-Owned, Client-Centered and Sustainably-Focused Marketing Agency

At Richardson Media Group, we demonstrate what it means to be a purposeful B Corp marketing agency. We give back to our community and the planet by fostering local partnerships and contributing a significant portion of our resources to social and environmental nonprofits through 1% for the Planet, New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility, and other local and national organizations. 

We bring our team’s combined knowledge, expertise, talents, access to technology, energy, experience and enthusiasm to the table on behalf of a diverse roster of clients and agency partners. Our paid media and SEO solutions are strategic, data-driven and carefully designed with privacy, social impact, and environmental responsibility in mind. 

We use our agency’s voice to encourage others to join our mission to do business in a socially responsible manner and we leverage a variety of communication channels to share our values-based approach to marketing. 

We showcase our impact-driven company culture in the following ways:

Defining Ourselves as a NH Benefit Corporation

As a New Hampshire Benefit Corporation, Richardson Media Group publicly recognizes the impact of our company’s policies, alliances and decisions on the lives and livelihoods of our internal and external stakeholders. We’re serious about the role we play in safeguarding the groups and individuals we serve in the course of doing business. 

Prioritizing Employee Health and Wellbeing

We invest in agency policies that illustrate our deep commitment to the health and wellbeing of our employees. We prioritize our team by providing them with competitive compensation, matching 401K contributions, professional development, flexible PTO, Volunteer Time Off, a hybrid office model and regular one-on-one status checks, keeping communication channels open and honest.

Building Reciprocal Partnerships

We foster mutually beneficial partnerships with a diverse collection of creative and web agencies and traditional and digital media vendors, many of whom identify as local, women-owned, small businesses, and/or B Corps like us. We strive to expand our positive impact by serving clients who share our commitment to making the world a safer, more equitable, and more sustainable place. Many of our clients are nonprofits, educational institutions, and small businesses who serve traditionally underrepresented populations, but we believe that impact-driven organizations can take many shapes and sizes, and we’re always eager to work with clients who look for ways to make a difference within their unique industries.

Maintaining Sustainable Digital Practices

Our immersion in the digital landscape primes us to test and implement sustainable digital practices in our daily operations, such as protecting user privacy, optimizing the carbon efficiency of our website, and experimenting with more sustainable digital media purchases. We often recommend these practices to our clients and agency partners and we welcome advice and feedback from likeminded technology experts. 

Providing Social & Environmental Education

Taking an educational approach to our advertising campaigns, SEO strategies, and social and environmental initiatives is an important first step. We set aside time to learn about evolving best practices in our chosen disciplines, and share our knowledge with our partners and clients through organic and paid communication channels. The BSuite podcast serves as our company’s primary megaphone. In each episode, we celebrate the voices of socially responsible corporate and nonprofit leaders, providing space for storytelling and expanding the reach of our guests’ impact-driven innovations and initiatives. 


Learn More About Our Certified B Corp Marketing Agency

Check out the Richardson Media Group blog and listen to the BSuite podcast for interesting conversations and ongoing updates as we continue to evolve our mission as a certified B Corporation.