Our Mission at Richardson Media Group

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Running a Purposeful, Women-Owned Business in Marketing

We take an educational approach to everything we do. We are committed to using our team’s knowledge, expertise, talents, access to technology and combined energy, experience and enthusiasm to share messages about the importance of sustainability and social responsibility through our agency communication channels. Our paid media and SEO solutions are smart, data-driven and designed to reach audiences in a responsible manner

Being a women-owned B Corp marketing agency means we give back to our community in many ways. We contribute via local partnerships and actively participate in nonprofits such as 1% for the Planet and NH Businesses for Social Responsibility. We use our agency’s voice to generate awareness about doing business in a sustainable and socially responsible manner and employ practical methods to achieve our socially-driven objectives in the following areas:

Employee Health and Wellbeing

We’re deeply invested in company policies that demonstrate our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our employees. We prioritize our marketing team by providing competitive compensation, matching 401K, professional development, flexible PTO, a hybrid office model and regular one-on-one status checks, keeping communication channels open and honest.

Building Partnerships

We seek out partnerships with a unique collection of like-minded creative and web agencies and traditional and digital media vendors. We enjoy working with clients who share our interest in making the world a safer, more equitable and more sustainable place for all. 

Data Privacy

We’re fully immersed in the world of digital media every day so we are primed to guide our clients and agency partners on the latest best practices for protecting user privacy and maintaining safe online data collection according to international GDPR standards.

Environmental Awareness

Our B Corp marketing agency uses our collective voice to promote environmentally-friendly organizations with an educational focus. This is illustrated in our support of The Nature Conservancy, The Ecology School and The Bee Conservancy, to name a few. Using our agency communication channels – both organic and paid – we try to raise public awareness around these critical topics.

NH Benefit Corporation

As a New Hampshire Benefit Corporation, Richardson Media Group, Inc. actively recognizes the ways our company’s choices will impact the health and wellbeing of our internal and external stakeholders.

Learn More About Our Certified B Corp Marketing Agency

Check out the Richardson Media Group blog and listen to the BSuite podcast for interesting conversations and ongoing updates as we continue to evolve our mission as a certified B Corporation.