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A Letter from Anne

Looking back over the past year, I’m so grateful to my team for their willingness to shift gears, question the status quo, take chances and seek out new and better ways of doing things. As this, our inaugural Impact Report shows, we have made measurable strides towards positive change both inside and outside of our agency. Without my team’s consistent commitment and valuable contributions, I would not be standing where I am today as a leader in the B Corp community.

Truth be told, the services we offer here at RMG are by no means inherently sustainable. The two primary disciplines we practice, advertising and SEO, rely heavily on digital platforms and other web-based technologies that have been proven to produce an enormous share of the world’s carbon. And the numbers are growing larger every day.

So, how do we tip the balance in favor of people and planet while still maintaining a profitable bottom line? How do we support our workers, give back to our community, reduce our environmental footprint and govern in the spirit of fairness all while running a successful operation?

I believe we already know the answer to this question. It’s about choosing to do what’s right. We choose to be open to new ideas. We choose to lean into difficult conversations and make time to give back to others. Most of all, we choose to learn as much as we can about the world around us.

I’m excited to see what 2024 brings and to continue to work alongside my team members to carve out a path that leads us towards a more sustainable future together.

Journey and Mission

Journey to B-Corp

“Sustainability is non-negotiable. It’s part of being a business and part of participating in society.”
~The BSuite Podcast, Season 1, Episode 9

In September 2020, our founder Anne Richardson enrolled Richardson Media Group in the University of New Hampshire’s B Impact Clinic. Over the course of a single semester, she worked closely with a team of undergraduate student advisors who guided her through an initial foray into the B Impact Assessment.

In January 2022, almost two years after beginning this journey, we became the first marketing agency in New Hampshire to earn our B Corp certification.

Our Misson

Running a Woman-Owned, Client-Centered and Sustainably-Focused Marketing Agency

At Richardson Media Group, we demonstrate what it means to be a purposeful B Corp marketing agency. We give back to our community and the planet by fostering local partnerships and contributing a significant portion of our resources to social and environmental nonprofits through 1% for the Planet, New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility, and other local and national organizations.

We bring our team’s combined knowledge, expertise, talents, access to technology, energy, experience and enthusiasm to the table on behalf of a diverse roster of clients and agency partners. Our paid media and SEO solutions are strategic, data-driven and carefully designed with privacy, social impact, and environmental responsibility in mind.

We use our agency’s voice to encourage others to join our mission to do business in a socially responsible manner and we leverage a variety of internal agency communication channels to share our values-based approach to marketing. 

B Impact Assessment 2022

96.1 Overall B Impact Score chart with breakdown (Customers: 17.9; Governance: 17.2: Workers: 28.5; Community: 23.8; Environment: 8.6)

We are proud of our original B Corp Certification Score of 96.1.

When we re-certify in 2025, we aim to improve our overall score as well as our score in each impact area.

Impact Areas

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Governance Current Score: 17.2

We are a mission-locked company with formal commitments to social and environmental sustainability and transparency.
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Workers Current Score: 28.5

We are deeply invested in company policies that demonstrate our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our employees.
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Community Current Score: 23.8

We prioritize initiatives that help build up the diverse, vibrant communities of the New Hampshire Seacoast and the New England region.
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Environment Current Score: 8.6

The significant environmental footprint of digital marketing remains top of mind as we evolve our approach to providing paid media and SEO services.
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Customers Current Score: 17.9

We build strong relationships with a wide range of purpose-driven clients as we help them reach their marketing goals.

2023 Staff Trainings

Members of our staff participated in the following trainings and professional development opportunities in 2023:

Skills Based Training

Social and Environmental Training

Other Professional Development

2023 Giving Back

Volunteer Support:

We supported the following organizations through our volunteer efforts.

Financial Support

We supported the following organizations with financial contributions.

Podcast Support

We supported the following nonprofit organizations with free promotion in the midroll of an episode of the BSuite podcast.

Read more about this project in our blog post about the Season 4 BSuite nonprofits