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At Richardson Media Group, we’re experts in all facets of digital and traditional media planning and buying and SEO for schools and education. We enjoy collaborative relationships with public and private colleges, universities and secondary schools. Google-certified and fluent in both online and mobile advertising, we offer our education clients a holistic approach to achieving their recruitment and retention marketing goals. 

Whether you’re looking to reach prospective students and their families or increase leads to your enrollment funnel admissions (or both) our private school marketing plans and SEO for colleges and universities deliver the right combination of tools to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

We offer:

  • Expert guidance in both traditional media and digital media
  • Improved keyword rankings via Search Engine Optimization
  • Strong relationships with local & national media vendors
  • SEO and PPC campaign management
  • Accountability through detailed metrics reporting

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Taking an Educational Approach to Marketing

So what do we mean when we say, “We take an educational approach” to marketing? 

We’re saying that we take the time to inform our clients and agency partners about the ins and outs of independent school and university marketing plans. 

We’ll answer some common questions:

  • How do various paid media tactics perform individually and in tandem with each other?
  • What outcomes might we expect from a paid search plan?
  • How much do I need to spend on advertising?
  • How will my media plan results be measured?
  • What goes into an SEO strategy and how long will it take before I see improved keyword rankings?
  • Why is content so important?
  • Why should I hire a skilled media planning and SEO team?

The educational approach we use to introduce our clients and partners to paid media and SEO for schools is detailed and comprehensive. We’ve heard many times that taking this route differentiates us from other agencies and we’re pretty happy about that!

We’ve run several successful digital media campaigns with Richardson Media Group to promote our admissions open houses and general recruitment goals. Due to the pandemic, our events have gone 100% virtual. The team at RMG has helped us pivot our messaging, campaign landing pages and advertising strategy to meet today’s unique challenges. We continue to see strong registrations for our open house events and have sustained healthy recruitment numbers thanks to their expertise and guidance.

Even during a pandemic, when private school inquiries should have been at an all time low. RMG’s efforts resulted in more inquiries and valid leads than we had the entire spring semester of 2019! I highly recommend Richardson Media Group. They have a super knowledgeable and friendly team who are driven to deliver results. They allow you to be a part of the process as much (or as little) as you like. And they get bonus points for being a woman-owned business.