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Taking an Educational Approach to Digital Media

We frequently find ourselves introducing our clients to digital media advertising for the very first time. Taking an educational approach to media account management and offering our clients guidance throughout the duration of a media campaign are two ways we are unique from other Digital Media Companies in the Boston area.

Digital Media Analytics

Where digital media diverges from its traditional counterparts is in its powerful ability to be measured accurately based upon a series of performance metrics. Showcasing our digital campaign analytics in a comprehensive media metrics dashboard that’s personalized for each client is one of the core service areas you’ll benefit from when working with our Digital Media Buying Agency

Digital Advertising Agency Boston

Making sense of your digital media options requires a partnership with a dedicated Digital Advertising Agency staffed by a team who’s fluent in digital media and equipped to develop a customized strategy to meet your organization’s marketing goals. 

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Here at Richardson Media Group, we are your go-to Digital Media Buying Agency in Boston offering expertise in Digital Media Buying across all digital channels. 

We provide a full spectrum of knowledge on how different digital media vehicles work and the ways online and mobile audiences experience your advertising message while they consume content across all types of screens. 

Digital media follows many of the same planning and buying rules as traditional media planning. For example, both disciplines seek to achieve a desirable ratio of reach and frequency. Both deliver messaging via audience impressions targeting specific demographic profiles and both are equipped to not only encourage a lift in brand awareness but also to drive leads and convert sales.

Desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and streaming audio and video channels on home televisions and smart devices are just some of the possible options upon which a strategic digital media plan is built. These delivery vehicles reflect the myriad ways today’s consumers actively engage with content every day.

Types of digital media metrics included in our dashboard are:

  • Impressions
  • Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
  • Clicks
  • Click Through Rates
  • Lead Form Fills
  • Phone Calls
  • Keyword Search Volume
  • Page Views/View Through Rates
  • Video completions
  • Number of Conversions
  • Cost Per Conversion

Ever wonder what’s going on behind the curtain when a digital media campaign is being set up? Feel like digital media planning requires you to speak another language? You’re not alone! We like to say that we are more transparent than most agencies when it comes to sharing the techniques we use to manage your digital media plan. And we stand behind each of our campaigns with robust media metrics reporting.

We base our digital media recommendations on a variety of factors such as: target audience descriptions including demographic and psychographic characteristics, geographic reach, accessibility to digital asset production (especially audio or video content) and of course, your media budget. 

We collect all of this key information during a Strategic Intake or Discovery Session, which is how our Boston-area Digital Advertising Agency kicks off every paid media campaign we manage.