Why We Give Back at Richardson Media Group

Richardson Media Group may be a small agency but our team has big hearts.

Our commitment to giving back takes different forms but in the end it’s all about sharing our resources with those who need it most. We have taken some important steps over the past eight years to demonstrate how serious we are about pledging our support to others. To this end, we are proud members of 1% for the Planet since 2021 and B Corp Certified as of January 2022. Our participation with both of these important organizations are testaments to our willingness to give back.

Richardson Media Group in the Community

Our media buying agency in Portsmouth frequently partners with clients in the education sector, most likely due to Anne Richardson’s background as a classroom teacher. In that spirit we volunteer our time and marketing agency’s resources to educational organizations whenever possible. These gifts take various forms: from speaking at professional conferences and events, to guest lecturing in undergraduate and graduate-level classrooms, mentoring young people starting out in media careers, and of course, making corporate donations to educational nonprofits such as Nurturing Minds and Brave Trails. Check out the incredible organizations we’ve supported over the past year and consider making your own contributions via the links below:

A secondary logo of The Bee Conservancy.​

The Bee Conservancy spans both environmental and education categories which is why it is such a good fit for Richardson Media Group! Bees pollinate 1 in 3 bites of food we take, yet thousands of bee species are in jeopardy of extinction due to climate change and chemical interference in their natural habitats. The Bee Conservancy funds university scholarships for students studying bees and other pollinators, runs programs to educate the public about the importance of pollinators to our food supply, sponsors bee sanctuaries across the globe, writes classroom science curriculum so teachers can share these important lessons with their students and so much more. In their words, “…bees lie at the heart of our survival – and they have been dying at unprecedented rates. Their hard work is not only essential to healthy ecosystems, but to sustaining animal and human life too.”

Logo of Brave Trails in Los Angeles, CA.

Brave Trails

Brave Trails is a national nonprofit organization and summer camp with a mission to empower LGBTQ+ youth, give them a safe space to grow and learn and encourage them to pursue leadership roles to create meaningful change in the world. Richardson Media Group received a letter from a Brave Trails camper not long ago that expressed how meaningful his experience had been.

"Coming to Brave Trails has given me a confidence I’ve never had before and I hope to carry it forward into my life outside of camp."
Brave Trails Camper
A secondary logo of Change is Simple.

Change is Simple teaches children about sustainability and climate issues, encouraging them to become environmental leaders in their schools, homes, and communities. STEM educators in the Boston area enhance their curriculum standards with Change is Simple professional development courses, covering topics such as waste reduction, sustainable food systems and natural resources, among others. Each year, Change is Simple reaches 8,000 elementary and middle school students, bringing them a sense of hope for the future of planet earth and igniting their interest in climate issues.

Logo of the Ecology School in Saco, Maine.

The Ecology School

The Ecology School is located in southern Maine on traditional land of the Sokokis Tribe of the Pequawket people of the Wabanaki Confederacy. This bucolic 105-acre property, called River Bend Farm, is situated along the Saco River and features walking trails, vegetable gardens, a field of solar panels and a collection of buildings that meet the highest standards of environmental sustainability. Programs offered at the farm include corporate retreats, teacher training, outdoor classrooms, and a summer camp, all designed to provide hands-on environmental learning and experiences that demonstrate how humans can “live, learn, work and play in ways that are restorative to the world around us.”

The Nature Conservancy logo

The Nature Conservancy in New Hampshire

Since 1961, The Nature Conservancy in New Hampshire has been working to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. Together with partners, local landowners and the support of members, this environmental organization has helped protect nearly 300,000 acres and 680 miles of rivers and streams in the Granite State.

"As we celebrate Earth Day, a day that unites us and sparks action for the natural world we all share, we are grateful for your commitment to creating a world where nature and people can thrive together. Thank you for your exceptional generosity and for taking care of nature the way it takes care of us."
Dave Strauss
Director of Membership,The Nature Conservancy
A logo of Nurturing Minds Educating Tanzanian Girls

Nurturing Minds

Nurturing Minds is a nonprofit organization focused on making education possible for girls in Tanzania, one of the poorest countries in the world. Historically, less than 30% of young women in Tanzania have had access to an education which has led to high rates of early marriage and teen pregnancy. Nurturing Minds believes that “educating and empowering women and girls to realize their full potential may be the most powerful way to break the cycle of poverty and create prosperity.”

Positive Tracks logo that says sweat for good

Positive Tracks

Positive Tracks’ mission is to help young people change the world using the power of physical activity. They call it Sweating For Good®. Ages 12 – 25, partner with Positive Tracks for free support, building an athletic event to champion a cause or organization of their choosing. Youth find a starting line for activism through coaching, resources, and skill-building. Positive Tracks delivers a hands-on leadership experience where young people learn they are capable of rallying the community and making change using their own unique skills, bodies, and voices.

"I developed as a leader by organizing this [raising awareness for climate change] and making sure I had everything prepared for my volunteers who were going to join me. Afterward, I felt so much more capable."
Bianca, Age 17
Organized a 5K with Positive Tracks
A logo for the University of New Hampshire.

University of New Hampshire Programs

The University of New Hampshire’s flagship campus is a treasure trove of resources for students and professionals from all around our region. Our team has enjoyed participating in two programs at UNH in particular, the first being the University of New Hampshire Entrepreneurship Program at the Peter T. Paul School of Business where curriculum is designed to inspire the next generation of leaders. Over the years, we have hosted several student interns from the entrepreneurship program and Anne has joined in to judge the “Shark Tank” competition, a fast-paced and fun experience!

In addition, we’ve given our time and resources to the University of New Hampshire’s Sustainability Institute, home of the B Impact Clinic, where students and businesses like ours connect and collaborate towards B Corp certification. Anne is currently serving as a Business Advisor at the B Impact Clinic helping to guide another crop of businesses towards B Corp certification.

World Central Kitchen logo

Chef José Andrés founded World Central Kitchen in 2010 with a singular goal to prepare food for people around the world struggling to survive in disaster zones caused by war, climate crisis or other conflicts. Believing that “everyone [should] have access to nourishing meals and sustainable food systems” WCK has served over 200 million meals to folks in need across the globe. WCK Relief Teams do not hesitate to travel to the most dangerous locations, including cities under siege in Ukraine, the earthquake-ravaged island of Haiti or flood zones in Pakistan, to name just a few. WCK volunteers seek to lift the hopes of ravaged populations through shared food. World Central Kitchen programs are wide-ranging and include clean cooking, food safety and sanitation, culinary education, and building resilient food systems.  

We’re proud to share the stories of these worthy organizations doing such important work around our state and across the globe. We hope reading about their focus on education and environmental missions inspires you to get involved, too. If you would like to chat more about our media planning agency’s approach to community involvement, don’t hesitate to contact Richardson Media Group today!