Client Profile

Reach Out and Read

Reach Out and Read is a national nonprofit built around the importance of introducing books to children and families to foster a love for literacy as early as possible. Reach Out and Read knows know that making reading a priority is easier for some families than for others, and that certain children are more likely to need additional help. To that end, they have launched a Diversity Book Initiative to bring books and reading to those communities that most stand to benefit from their organization’s support.

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"Anne and her team at Richardson Media Group have introduced Reach Out and Read to the world of digital advertising by taking an educational approach to their recommendations so that we understand our investment and have a clear set of expectations for campaign outcomes. They've worked collaboratively alongside our creative partners and internal marketing team, to guide our campaign set up process with great attention to detail and expertise."
Jen Tegan
National Director of Marketing and Communications

Agency Partners

Media campaign creative and copywriting for Reach Out and Reach was produced in partnership with kor group and libretto.

Campaign Objectives

The media campaign objectives for Reach Out and Read include driving traffic to ROR landing page(s), raising awareness and educating target audiences about the importance of early childhood access to books, and targeting millennial parents and 50+ grandparents/family members/educators who may be interested in literacy and child development for potential donations.

Media Plan

The Reach Out and Read media plan combined paid search (Google Ads) with paid social (Facebook and Instagram) along with retargeting banners and podcast advertising to achieve its goals of simultaneously raising awareness and generating conversions in the form of newsletter signups, donations and general inquiries. We initially targeted the San Francisco DMA and eventually added Los Angeles DMA to the geographic reach of the campaign.

Campaign Results

To date, Reach Out and Read media metrics show numerous button clicks on their website and a measurable number of monetary donations to their cause. We will continue to monitor the pacing and delivery of the campaign while managing geographic reach and audience engagement.

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