Client Profile

Green Wave Electric Vehicles

Green Wave Electric Vehicles is a used electric vehicle dealership located in North Hampton, NH. Having celebrated its grand opening in early 2023, Green Wave is dedicated to educating prospective car customers about the environmental and economic advantages inherent in driving an EV. With the tagline, “Drive Your Values” Green Wave sells used EVs in the hope that customers will make the switch to electric because they understand the ways in which the car they drive impacts the world around us.

green wave logo
Green electric car charging at an EV port.
Outside of Green Wave Electric Vehicles dealership with the caption, "Inside NH's first dedicated used EV dealer!"
"Thank you to the whole team at Richardson Media Group for your help to make Green Wave hit the ground running in our first months of operation. We are still a long way from where we need to get, but we are further along the journey because of you."
Jesse Lore
Founder, Green Wave Electric Vehicles

Campaign Objectives

Because Green Wave had only recently opened at the start of 2023 when the media campaign launched, we faced dual challenges of introducing the brand for the very first time to the local and regional community while simultaneously educating prospective buyers on the advantages of electric vehicle ownership. Digital ads encouraged audiences to visit the dealer website where they could browse inventory virtually and drop their contact information into an online form, or potentially schedule an in-person appointment to view available cars and take a test drive.

Media Plan

The digital media campaign included a series of paid search ads on Google and Bing along with a collection of paid social ads on Meta platforms Facebook and Instagram. When reporting on the campaign, Richardson Media Group combined typical media metrics such as impression delivery, clicks, and conversions, with values-based outcomes that we called, “Mission-Driven Metrics.” This mission-focused data showed us the impact that electric car sales have on the environment and inspired all of us to keep using our paid media expertise in a positive way for our client and the world at large.

Campaign Results

Google Ads media metrics for Green Wave Electric

Over the first six months of 2023, sales of Green Wave Electric Vehicles resulted in the following mission-driven results:

  • Sold 35 electric vehicles
  • Reduced client operating costs by switching to an EV by $50,005 annually
  • Reduced client carbon footprint by 121,484 kg of CO2 annually
  • Planted 3,500 trees!

Digital media data points included:

  • 300,000 gross impressions delivered
  • Paid Search Conversions defined as phone calls or online form fills:
    • 115 Google Ads conversions
    • 459 Bing Ads conversions
  • Paid Social ads did not include a conversion mechanism but they generated a good number of comments and shares

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