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15-40 Connection

15-40 Connection is an emerging national non-profit organization dedicated to teaching how to detect cancer early to save lives. Our team was excited to use our media planning and buying expertise to support their initiatives which closely aligned with our ongoing commitment to education and wellness.
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"The focus of our work is to educate and empower people about early cancer detection through a 3-Steps to Detect initiative that includes: 1. Remember What Great Feels Like, 2. Use the 2-Week Rule, and 3. Share With Your Doctor. Target audiences are primarily educators, corporate leaders and firefighters."
Tricia Laursen
President & Executive Director

Campaign Objectives

Campaign Objectives

Our campaign was designed to build awareness of the 3-Steps to Detect program among educators and firefighters and to increase newsletter signups and encourage donations to this emerging non-profit.

Media Plan

We combined awareness tactics with conversion tools, driving traffic to two dedicated 15-40 campaign landing pages, one for Educators and the other for Firefighters. The multi-layered, all-digital media plan included Google Ads, Paid Social (Facebook, Instagram + LinkedIn), Retargeting and Display banners that ran across mobile and desktop platforms. We took advantage of a Google Ad Grant to bolster the paid search budget, as well.

Campaign Results

A 6-month New England regional media campaign yielded 203,000 impressions and 30,891 clicks for an overall click through rate of 15.21%. Conversion tactics brought about 206 total conversions comprised of newsletter signups, phone calls and donations via campaign landing page buttons and forms. These leads went directly to the company’s in-house marketing team for fulfillment and follow-through.

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