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Erin Allgood Podcast Episode 7

Building a Sustainable and Equitable Future

Episode 7 of the BSuite podcast features a reflective conversation with Erin Allgood, founder of Allgood Strategies, a strategy consulting firm with a focus on sustainability and social impact planning. Erin and I met each other initially through New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility and then again during my tenure

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BSuite Podcast Atlanta

Empowering Global Change

Episode Five features a fascinating conversation with Atlanta McIlwraith, Director of Global Community Engagement and Activation at Timberland. Atlanta is incredibly thoughtful and has a deep understanding of what it means to lead a mission-driven brand. Her work at Timberland over the past 16 years has included communicating the company’s

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Michelle Veasey NHBSR

Paving the way for a Socially Responsible Future

Michelle Veasey’s visit to the BSuite timed perfectly with her 10 year anniversary as the Executive Director of New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility. Anne had the good fortune to meet Michelle two years ago when RMG first joined this innovative non-profit. Based in New Hampshire with members all across

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Picture of Anne and her daughter Emma.

Shifting Priorities and Unexpected Opportunities

Weeks spent in quarantine force on us a slower pace compared to those rushed days of the recent past. I feel like I’ve been swimming in molasses with waves of sadness, fear, worry and occasional absurdity rolling over me depending on the day. Time is a mess. There’s too much screen time, not enough time to sleep and plenty of time to think. We’re all trying to cope, but the big takeaway is that even the best conference technology is no substitute for real human connection. It doesn’t take long for isolation to take its toll.

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Clothing hanging on coat rack with hat.

What to Wear?

Clothing makes a bold statement. It offers the world a distinct impression of who and what we are. Just look at the photos from the 2019 Met Gala — the “Camp” theme interpreted in myriad crazy ways by the celebrities in attendance. Not that I’ve ever attended the Met Gala (I’m sure my invite got lost in the mail), but it’s a great example of the power of a costume to showcase a person’s personality and identity.

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Anne Richardson delivering her Holocaust Legacy Partner presentation.

Telling Netty’s Story Again

For the past fifteen years, I have been a Legacy Partner to a Holocaust survivor, which means I am a “Guardian of the Holocaust.” I am committed to this lifelong pursuit to ensure that the world remembers the survivors and victims of the Holocaust.

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Tugboats at work on the harbor in Portsmouth, NH.

Finding Our New Home in Portsmouth, NH

It’s human nature to seek out comfortable grooves and settle into them. Routines, schedules, relationships, habits (even unhealthy ones) tend to stick to us and can be difficult to alter. Most people resist upsetting the delicate balance of things, especially if there’s nothing wrong with the status quo.

Suffice it to say, change can be frightening.

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Anne Richardson and her beekeeper friend, Maggie Berking Daigle suited up to check the hives.

Maggie and the Bees

On a summer weekend earlier in July, my husband and I traveled up to Maine to visit our friends, Maggie and Bob, who had recently built their forever home overlooking Sebago Lake and the White Mountains. This was our first trip to see them since their house was constructed and while we had heard stories about its unique location, the open airy feel of the living areas and how the natural environment around the property had been carefully incorporated into the house’s look and feel, I was unprepared for the magnificence of what awaited us as we drove up the long dirt road that served as their private driveway.

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Anne Richardson of Richardson Media Group presents a Holocaust survivor story at the Firehouse Center for the Arts in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Telling Netty’s Story

Over the past 14 years, I have been a Legacy Partner, which means I am a “Guardian of the Holocaust.” I have accepted this lifelong pursuit to ensure that the world remembers the survivors and victims of the Holocaust.

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Richardson Media Group logo icon.
Anne outside the door of the Richardson Media Group office.

In addition to her role as owner and media director here at RMG, Anne authors the majority of our blog posts and hosts our BSuite podcast. Favorite topics for both platforms include the entrepreneurial journey, sustainability + social responsibility, media planning, media buying, and forming productive agency partnerships.