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BSuite Podcast Season 4 Episodes

It didn’t seem possible that we’d publish three seasons of the BSuite podcast, but we did it and now here we are on Season 4!

What began back in early 2020 as a platform for us to explore topics like entrepreneurship, career trajectories, women’s roles in the workplace and growing a small business (plus a sprinkling of content around Anne’s fascination with bees and other pollinators) has grown into a full-scale podcast production featuring some of the most forward-thinking names in business! Some of our guests share our penchant for marketing and advertising (which we could talk about all day) but we’re especially keen on stepping out of our comfort zone to meet and chat with leaders from other industries. It’s our way of providing a full circle perspective on what it means to uphold a corporate mission, however, the work gets done.

Topics Discussed in Season 4 of the BSuite Podcast

Season 4 of the BSuite dives even deeper into thoughtful conversations with an array of purposeful leaders who are doing the hard work of running sustainable organizations while at the same time, making sure to give back to their communities and employees, while keeping close tabs on their business’ environmental impact. 

During Season 4 we’ll learn more about:

  • Data-based DEI initiatives in the workplace
  • Harvesting seafood more sustainably
  • The varied ways leaders prioritize giving back 
  • Challenging the status quo with craft beer 
  • The carbon footprint of digital marketing
  • Options for safe, ethical and authentic travel

And much more!

We’ve added a new feature this season that involves asking our guests to select a nonprofit that we’ll research and then record as a midroll in each episode. It’s one more way we’re trying to give back and educate others through our show. So, welcome to Season 4 of the BSuite! We hope you’ll enjoy listening and stay in touch!