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During Season 3 we reveal the forces that led to Richardson Media Group’s decision to pursue our B Corporation certification. We proudly earned our B Lab badge in January 2022 making us the first marketing agency to earn B Corp certification in the State of New Hampshire! Doing our best to develop sustainably driven programs and policies that make a difference in the lives of managers and employees ensures we learn something new every day!

What's New for Season 3 of the BSuite Podcast?

Season 3 topics include: 

  • Establishing compassionate employee wellness initiatives
  • Infusing a leader’s values into a company’s brand and mission
  • Defining Environmental, Social & Governance [ESG] principles and how to implement them into our corporate culture
  • Exploring the latest trends in remote, hybrid or in-office work 
  • Tackling the more challenging aspects of hiring and employee retention
  • Continuing to view business operations in the context of the current world framework. 
  • Sharing nonprofit stories of courage and mentorship 

Finally, we’ll ask our guests what they recommend to help prevent burnout and actually have some FUN at work? (Hint: half-day Fridays and bringing our dogs to the office are at the top of our list!)

Where Did The B in BSuite Come From?

Season 3 kicks off on a personal note with Anne revealing the origins of the BSuite. Anne tells it all in a stand-alone episode that covers her life experiences, including one special story of friendship and grief. Ultimately, Anne shows us how these moments have made her the person she is today, guiding the decisions she’s made both as a business leader and podcast host.

In addition to the individual stories from Anne and our guests, we will keep using the BSuite as a platform to educate others about sustainable and socially responsible business practices and to explore what it means to do business for good. We’ll do this in a few ways:

  • Revealing the criteria we use to decide which organizations we will donate our time and money to throughout the year
  • Explaining how our partnership model works and why we choose to collaborate with like-minded, values-based creative and web agencies 
  • Exploring how we use paid media and SEO as responsibly as possible, and how we stay accountable while managing our clients’ campaigns

Download the BSuite on Any Podcast Platform

All nine episodes from Season 3 are live and available to download wherever you listen to podcasts. And don’t forget to check out a few of our past episodes, here on our website! To learn the whole story behind the BSuite podcast, complete with audio transcripts and links to topics we discuss, head over to the RMG blog. As always, we welcome your ideas for topics and guests. Connect with us via email or set up some time to chat on our calendar. We appreciate your support! Thanks for landing on the BSuite!