Benn Marine and Brittany Angelo join the BSuite podcast.

Episode 2: Education & Impact with Benn & Brittany of Dirigo Collective

Episode 2 of the BSuite podcast features a lively conversation between our host Anne Richardson and RMG friends and agency partners Benn Marine and Brittany Angelo of Dirigo Collective. Benn and Brittany co-host Dirigo Collective’s Responsibly Different podcast and they both work with clients around impact strategy. Tune in to learn more about the important contributions Benn and Brittany make through their podcast and other content platforms that serve to educate and inspire others.

If you follow your passion, it does ripple out and have impact in really meaningful ways. It also helps you stay in the work longer and continue to have that ripple effect, which helps you and others.

Key Takeaways

How to Make an Impact as a Marketing Agency

In Benn’s role as Director of Impact and Brittany’s position as Impact Strategist at Dirigo Collective, they are concerned with how their work as a media company leaves a mark on the world. Day to day, Benn and Brittany advise their team on sustainable decisions and create content that helps other businesses positively influence their communities. Benn emphasizes the difference between sustainability and impact; sustainable practices can be a huge element of an organization’s positive impact, but organizations must also consider and take steps to mitigate any negative effects associated with their work. Anne recalls with admiration how Benn once organized a letter-writing table to encourage people to register to vote at a B Local gathering. This simple but effective action showcased his belief that opportunities to make an impact can show up in unexpected places.

Taking An Educational Approach with Clients

Richardson Media Group takes an educational approach to strategic media planning & buying and SEO. Anne spends much of her time educating RMG’s clients about how paid media and SEO can boost brand awareness and help them meet their sales goals. She’s also pretty open about the ways digital media platforms and traditional marketing tools should be applied with caution. In a similar way, Benn and Brittany leverage the Responsibly Different podcast and blog to educate their clients and their communities about what others are doing to improve the world around them. Brittany shares that she’s found marketing to be synonymous with education: “I think marketing, at the base of it, is asking how you can educate somebody else and how you can give them something that’s going to benefit them or spark their own curiosity.”

Podcasting For Profit, For Good, For Yourself

Anne asks how podcast platforms such as the BSuite or Responsibly Different contribute to a marketing company’s business goals. After all, we need to run a profitable company in order to have the luxury of time to build platforms on which to share impactful stories. Benn suggests: “The better the platform does, the better we can serve the community, connect with people, highlight the cool things other businesses are doing, and learn from them.” The group also acknowledges that businesses, blogs, podcasts, and other channels evolve over time alongside a business’s goals. Furthermore, not all posts have to be business-related: writing and podcasting provide opportunities for self-expression which can fulfill business leaders and help them remain invested in their for-profit and for-good endeavors over the long haul. 

Pre-Recording Routines for Anne, Benn and Brittany

Every business leader’s story is unique, as is every podcaster’s pre-recording routine. Anne doesn’t spend much time getting ready for the actual recording session, in fact, she welcomes the adrenalin rush that happens when she’s not exactly sure what’s going to happen next. Brittany’s preparation process includes having a prep call in advance with podcast guests and making sure to hydrate before starting the recording. Benn’s routine involves getting his tech setup squared away, reviewing his guests’ recent posts on social media, and doing a few push-ups to alleviate his nervous energy. We wonder how many pushups Benn did before this particular recording. He’ll never tell!