Adam Garfunkel of Junxion joins the BSuite podcast.

Episode 2: Creating Changemakers with Adam Garfunkel of Junxion

In Episode Two of the BSuite, Anne Richardson sits down with the self-described “audacious” Adam Garfunkel, co-owner and managing director of Junxion. Junxion is a B Corp consultancy focused on social responsibility and sustainability. Junxion’s team encourages their clients to engage in social activism and believes that young people can help us bridge our path to achieving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals. The two B Corp leaders, Anne and Adam, also talk about the impact of the B Corp movement on the world around us.

We’re not here to offer advice to help organizations run amuck and make profit, and pilfer the planet, and exploit people. We’re absolutely here to do the opposite, to show companies that they can marry profit with purpose.

Key Takeaways

Adam Garfunkel’s Story: An “Activist at Heart”

As an “activist at heart,” Adam pulls many of his values from his parents. He had an early start with social activism and environmental responsibility. His dad was a refugee from Nazi Germany and his mom was a social justice campaigner, so values of social justice and anti-discrimination were a large part of his upbringing.

During the podcast, Adam talks about how people (and businesses) shouldn’t be afraid to ask tough questions, especially when it comes to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. When a company needs a little extra push to make change in the world, his and Junxion’s “Theory of Change” gives companies a roadmap, showing how their day-to-day activities align with their long-term picture of success. He and Anne also discuss embracing new possibilities and making change in the world – and how there shouldn’t be a limit to anything we try to achieve in life.

Junxion’s Mission & Purpose

Junxion is a B Corp consulting firm that assists businesses around the world in finding their purpose, showing them they can marry profit with purpose. Ultimately, Junxion’s mission is to help other leaders build a success story and inspire others to do the same. Anne and Adam talk about the meaning behind Junxion’s name and the inner struggle of running a B Corp business – focusing on affecting change in the community while also affecting change within their own organizations. Adam’s greatest motivation is to help consultants be changemakers – leading an audacious life they can look back and be proud of.

Here at Richardson Media Group we think a lot about data for the ad campaigns and SEO strategies we manage, so naturally, Anne was curious about what metrics are important to Junxion’s work. Adam reported that employee satisfaction and employee impact are important data points for his customers. Data on workplace burnout is especially relevant as it can create a rippling effect throughout an organization.

How Young People Affect Change

Both parents of teenagers and young adults, Adam and Anne share their perspectives about how being a parent (or simply being around young people on a regular basis) can affect our understanding of the world. Anne mentions that the tables have seemingly turned because nowadays she often learns more from her children. Adam and Anne both agree that creating opportunities for young people’s voices to be heard is one of the most important aspects employers can do in order to affect real, long-term change. Adam mentions that largely, companies think short term, but if they give young people a voice in their organizations, they can have a lasting impact on the world.

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Important Update:

Since the recording of this episode, we’ve moved away from using the language “BIA” to refer to the B Impact Assessment out of respect to the indigenous community. We will be referring to the set of qualifications developed by the B Lab for business certification as B Impact Assessment or Assessment going forward.