Episoe 7 BSuite Podcast, Erin Allgood

Episode 7: Building a Sustainable and Equitable Future

In this episode of the BSuite podcast, Anne Richardson interviews Erin Allgood, founder of Allgood Strategies. Erin shares her expertise on sustainability, leadership, and social change. 

It's a great responsibility and an honor to be able to teach my students, and to be able to influence that next generation of leaders, because I think they are going to play such a role in shaping the future of our world.

Key Takeaways

Erin’s Story

Erin grew up with a fierce love of sustainability, a passion for women’s rights, and a commitment to social justice. As the founder of Allgood Strategies, Erin harnesses entrepreneurship as a vehicle for social change. Her clients include folx launching social enterprises, nonprofits looking to communicate and carry out their missions authentically, and businesses that want to align their cultural values with their products, and/or services. 

As a lifelong Granite Stater, Erin resides in New Hampshire’s Seacoast region and works as a social impact strategist and coach. Drawing from her studies in systems thinking, intersectional feminism, and sustainability, Erin has a unique perspective on the role of the business and nonprofit sectors in creating a more resilient and equitable future.


After earning degrees in biochemistry and nutritional sciences, Erin started Allgood Strategies in 2013, with an initial focus on sustainable food systems. Over time she decided to apply her understanding of systems to support other areas of interest including social justice, women’s issues, and the LGBTQ community. Today, she offers business consulting, coaching and workshops, geared to helping businesses and non-profits implement strategic change.

Anne and Erin reflect on starting their own businesses. They both agreed there was a moment when it became necessary to create their own work cultures instead of waiting for prior employers to meet their expectations.  They discuss topics like imposter syndrome and the challenges women and other historically marginalized groups face when setting fair rates that reflect their value and level of experience. 

Erin loves to educate others. She teaches a 10-week business planning course for the Center for Women & Enterprise, which she says, “is one of my favorite things to do.” Erin teaches women, non-binary, and trans people how to set their rates and take steps to double or even triple what they previously earned. 

B-Corporation Certification

Erin is also a faculty advisor at UNH, where she guides students in the B-Impact Clinic, which is a group of undergraduate students that serve as consultants for regional companies working to complete their B Impact Assessment. 

Richardson Media Group was fortunate to have the opportunity to take part in the Fall 2020 B-Impact Clinic. The students were able to present numerous recommendations on how to improve in each area of the impact assessment. We are now in the final stages of the assessment review process. 

Erin’s goal is to teach students about the role businesses to play in building a sustainable and equitable future. Through rigorous real-world work with clients and discussing big picture questions, she aims to empower students to take these ideas and skills with them after they graduate and enter into their careers.