Bsuite Episode 5 Atlanta Mcilwraith

Episode 5: Empowering Global Change

In this episode of the BSuite podcast, Anne Richardson interviews Atlanta McIlwraith, Director of Global Engagement and Activation at Timberland. Atlanta’s responsibilities focus on developing Timberland’s purpose-based global partnerships and building internal corporate engagement.

Business holds the power to change the world for the better

Key Takeaways

Atlanta’s Story

Atlanta’s career started as an activist on Capitol Hill. She worked for numerous political campaigns as a political organizer. She quickly found her passion for encouraging others to drive the change they want in this world. She has stayed true to that passion today as she continues to empower others globally in her current role. 

Joining Timberland 16 years ago,  Atlanta followed her interest in Corporate Social Responsibility. Timberland has always been a pioneer in terms of social justice and continues along this path as a worldwide purpose-driven retailer from its headquarters in Stratham, New Hampshire. 


Timberland upholds many of the B Corp values and metrics, although they are currently not pursuing certification. Atlanta explains that as a brand owned by a larger company it was not an option to apply until recently. As of now, Timberland is going to keep working on building its company’s internal and external CSR structure. 


They have always had a focus on community service and giving back to environmental and human rights organizations. With Atlanta’s help, they have created many new programs to spread awareness of their brand’s purpose-led ethos. Atlanta has worked to create the Global Stewards program which has increased employee community service by 30% globally. She also works closely with Timberland’s marketing and communications team to share purpose-driven stories. 


Atlanta is a leader driving change on both a local and global level. At Timberland, she heads up the Global Stewards, who are employee representatives from across the world that volunteer to drive CSR education in their local region. She also works on initiatives to train and educate Timberland employees about Timberland’s socially responsible purpose. 


As a board member of New Hampshire Business for Social Responsibility, Atlanta volunteers to help educate and share her experience with local business owners. NHBSR brings together companies of various sizes to start a journey on the path of corporate social responsibility. Atlanta brings an amazing global perspective to the program and enjoys actively participating in the community.