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BSuite: A podcast with a purpose

BSuite is a forum for stories, ideas and observations from purpose-driven leaders across a variety of industries. Our show explores what it means to manage teams with integrity, develop collaborative partnerships, all the while unpacking the work that goes into fostering a socially-responsible and sustainably-focused business over the long-term. Season Three of the BSuite, launching in Spring 2023, will feature a mix of conversations with guests at certified B Corps and pending B Corps, and others inside and outside of the marketing and creative arena. In addition, we’re excited to showcase a series of solo episodes in which Anne will offer her take on the female founder’s journey.

What to expect at your podcast session

BSuite recording sessions typically last about 1 hour. Please check your calendar for an invite which will include a link to the recording studio where the recording will happen. Make sure your Chrome browser is up to date because you’ll need to use Chrome to open the session link. 

Leaving your camera on is your preference but we enjoy seeing one another during our conversation. If you prefer us not to use the video from our recording, let us know. To ensure clear audio please use a functioning mic (Apple earbuds work great!) and find a quiet space with limited background noise. 

Bring along your web address, your social media handles and practice your elevator pitch! You’ll have a chance to promote your company’s brand on the show. And don’t forget your enthusiasm! We want your visit to the BSuite to be relaxing and fun. We truly appreciate you joining us!

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