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When our team started planning the fourth season of the BSuite podcast back in the fall of 2023, we knew we wanted to do something different. The BSuite podcast had already established itself as our agency’s “megaphone,” giving voice to the diverse stories of purpose-driven leaders and highlighting the creative ways they’ve made their companies more sustainable. Building upon that successful concept in season 4, we decided to highlight a nonprofit of our guest’s choice in each episode to give each organization a lift through some extra exposure via our growing list of podcast followers.

Meet the Nonprofits Featured in the BSuite

We took advantage of the BSuite’s newly minted midroll spot, a :15 second audio slot that podcast producers typically reserve for paid advertisers, to feature this collection of nonprofit organizations specially selected by our guests. Once we learned the name of each guest’s selected nonprofit, we did a bit of research and composed a short audio snippet about the organization’s mission and impact. The midroll spot was then edited into the full episode before it went live on all major podcast platforms. We’re proud to use the BSuite podcast to promote these ten nonprofit organizations whose work positively impacts people and the planet:

New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility

In episode 1, New Hampshire-based tech expert Flo Nicolas selected New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR) as her nonprofit of choice. NHBSR provides education and advocates for state-wide policies, bringing together socially responsible businesses across the state of New Hampshire. Impact-based professional development events support NH businesses looking to use their influence to make a difference for their employees, stakeholders and the environment.

Equality Community Center

Benn Marine and Brittany Angelo, co-hosts of Campfire Consulting’s Responsibly Different podcast and featured guests in episode 2, selected the Equality Community Center, a Portland, ME-based non-profit that serves the LGBTQIA+ community in Maine. The ECC provides a safe and inclusive gathering space and offers educational programming for the community. ECC stands against discrimination and works to create a more compassionate world.

Lift All Boats Project (Island Institute)

Episode 3 was made up of an exclusive interview with Ben Conniff, Chief Innovation Officer at Luke’s Lobster, a sustainable seafood purveyor and retailer in southern Maine. Ben chose for his midroll feature Luke’s Lobster’s very own Lift All Boats Project. The Lift All Boats project is a joint non-profit effort by Luke’s Lobster and the Island Institute that works to create a more equitable pathway to success in commercial fishing through their student lobster mentorship program. The program provides students from historically disadvantaged backgrounds with resources, mentorship, gear, and boats, typically available only to lobster industry insiders so they can build fruitful careers in Maine’s venerable lobster fishing industry.

Cowichan Women Against Violence Society

Nora Livingstone, co-founder of Animal Experiences International and our guest on episode 4, selected the Cowichan Women Against Violence Society for her episode’s midroll. This nonprofit organization works from a feminist perspective to provide a supportive environment primarily to women and children who have been affected by abuse in the Cowichan Valley of British Columbia. They offer support to approximately 3,000 women and children each year, in the areas of crisis intervention, violence prevention, safe housing, legal advocacy, individual and group counseling, and pre-employment skills.

National Black Brewers Association

In episode 5, Anne welcomed Tom Ruff, founder of Portland, ME’s Orange Bike Brewing, to the podcast. Tom selected the National Black Brewers Association as his featured nonprofit. Also known as NB2A, this organization is dedicated to advocacy, inclusivity, and representation within the craft beer industry. Today, less than 1% of craft breweries in the U.S. are Black-owned, but NB2A is committed to increasing Black brewery ownership, exercising political influence, and educating communities about the history and legacy of Black brewing in the United States.


Episode 6 of the BSuite was brought to you by GreenWave, a nonprofit organization selected by our guest Jana Blankenship, chief formulator of sustainable haircare brand Captain Blankenship. GreenWave supports regenerative ocean farmers with the training and innovation they need to rapidly expand the reach of climate friendly aquaculture. Greenwave believes that farming of seaweed and shellfish can positively impact the economy and the planet on a large scale. Over the next decade, GreenWave aspires to provide training, tools, and support to at least ten thousand ocean farmers.

Girls Who Code

Anne Coghan, our guest on episode 7 and co-founder of Scope3, a company dedicated to decarbonizing the digital advertising industry, selected Girls Who Code for her nonprofit midroll. Girls Who Code is on a worldwide mission to close the gender gap in technology and to change gendered societal perceptions of what programmers look like. Girls Who Code supports girls around the world with online and in-person training, resources, and advocacy, and they partner with schools and libraries to expand the reach of their services. The organization is dedicated to closing the gender gap in new entry-level tech jobs by 2030.

None Of Your Business (NOYB)

Episode 8, featured Hans Skillrud and Donata Stroink-Skillrud of Termageddon, a company offering location-specific privacy policies. Hans and Donata chose to feature the nonprofit NOYB. NOYB stands for “none of your business” and is a EU-based organization dedicated to advocacy for individual privacy rights. NOYB supports fellow organizations which provide resources and structures that enforce GDPR policies in Europe and uses targeted, strategic litigation to advance laws that protect online privacy practices.

Alliance for the Great Lakes

Tim Frick, founder of Mightybytes, a Chicago-based B Corp certified marketing firm joined us on episode 9 of the BSuite. Tim chose for his midroll the Alliance for the Great Lakes, a nonpartisan nonprofit working across the Great Lakes region to protect the fresh, clean, and natural waters of the Great Lakes. From pollution prevention initiatives to protective legal action, the Alliance for the Great Lakes fights for environmental justice and sustainability.

Rahab’s Sisters

On our final episode of season 4 we had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Holdeman and Rebecca Goldcrump of the Impact Collective, a B Corp consultancy in Portland, OR. Sarah and Rebecca selected for their midroll Rahab’s Sisters, a nonprofit that builds community by providing radical hospitality to women and gender-diverse individuals marginalized by poverty, houselessness, sex work, violence and substance abuse. Rahab’s Sisters breaks down barriers of shame and judgment and fosters inclusivity and solidarity in their community.

It was a true privilege to welcome such a cadre of accomplished, generous and thoughtful guests to season 4 of the BSuite podcast. In addition to hosting these meaningful conversations, we were honored to share our guests’ chosen nonprofits with our audience. We hope that these midroll spots will shed light on the important work being done by this diverse cast of organizations, and we won’t be surprised if season 5 sees the addition of ten more nonprofit midrolls. Stay tuned to the BSuite to find out!

Anne Richardson

Anne Richardson is the owner and media director of Richardson Media Group, an agency specializing in media planning and buying, advertising campaign management, and SEO.


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