BSuite Podcast: Team Chat with Brenda Brooks

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For this episode, we cleared the decks for an unscripted team chat. Brenda Brooks is our Marketing Operations Manager and she’s here to talk about what working on a small team feels like, her choice to move from higher education to marketing, the ways we build in learning and growth at our company, and how we’ve navigated the remote work landscape with our weekly bee-themed “cluster.”   I should note that this episode includes two very important “firsts.” It was the first time we recorded an episode from my home office and the first episode we recorded after the onset of the COVID pandemic. Please keep both of those in mind as you listen and enjoy our engaging conversation!   Thank you for tuning in!   KEY TAKEAWAYS   Work has been a lifeline for the “crazy” that’s been happening in the world.   Brenda and I have both realized that we are not experts in navigating this new-to-us situation. COVID-19 has forced us to learn and adapt very quickly.   Brenda shares how she has taken solace in working from her dining room over the past few months. The boundaries are blurred, where she used to leave her personal life at home, and work at work. She has felt our working relationship get even stronger, despite my spontaneous comments about her home decor.   I’ve personally missed the interaction of being at the office and have found myself struggling to get used to this solo dynamic. Going into a weekend, I had always appreciated the time away from work and the extra brain space. Now, I find myself craving the social elements of the work week, like jumping into a client project or hopping on a virtual meeting.   Trust is critical in a boss-employee relationship.   There has always been an inner dialogue of how much I should share when it comes to being the leader of Richardson Media Group. Do I share with Brenda about the financial status of the business or what I see for our future?   Having open conversations, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with one another, and sharing what’s on our mind has been helpful. Every week, we have a 15-30 minute download over coffee where we talk a little bit about work, but also open up about what’s bringing us joy in our personal lives. Brenda reveals how much these conversations have meant to her and how she feels more connected to me as a result.   This level of trust has spilled over into our client relationships as well, as we transitioned to remote working about a week and a half earlier than many of them. Our goal is to always be a sounding board and a trusted resource.   SOME QUESTIONS I ASK BRENDA  
  • How do you feel we’ve evolved as a small team since the pandemic?
  • What do you think is the most important contribution that we’ve been able to offer our clients?
  NOTABLE QUOTE   “More and more, I’m letting down that veil and saying, “Hey, why not just show up?” We are all in this together and people are really looking forward to having deeper connections than we typically would in our day-to-day life.”   LINKS/RESOURCES MENTIONED Richardson Media Group
Anne Richardson

Anne Richardson is the owner and media director of Richardson Media Group, an agency specializing in media planning and buying, advertising campaign management, and SEO.


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