We are a Certified B Corporation

We're a Paid Search and SEO Agency on a Mission.

Richardson Media Group’s foundation is built upon our commitment to doing business with purpose and to upholding the tenets of the B Lab mission.

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We are a Marketing Agency and a Certified B Corp

Our day-to-day work involves managing programmatic, paid social and paid search (PPC) campaigns, buying traditional TV and radio, print, outdoor bulletins and transit ads, and implementing SEO strategies to encourage website visits and improve keyword rankings. We take our work in paid media and SEO seriously and consider it our responsibility to stay informed about the latest industry predictions and trends in the areas of online privacy and data sharing. 

The journey to B Corp certification has tested our understanding of what it means to be socially responsible. It has also clarified the expectations we have for our colleagues and customers. We’re grateful to be welcomed into the B Lab community of like-minded businesses thanks to this designation. Being a B Corp means we exchange ideas and seek guidance and advice from our peers as we navigate complex issues in today’s world. We prioritize our connections to mission-driven organizations doing good things because we believe purpose and profit should go together.

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How Did We Earn Our B Corp Certification?

In January 2022 RMG officially became a certified B Corporation. Earning this designation was the culmination of nearly two years of hard work to meet the high standards set by B Lab for purpose driven organizations. Richardson Media Group scored a total of 96.1 points overall on the B Impact Assessment which is the application used to formally assess prospective B Corporations. In order to qualify for B Corporation certification, applicants must score 80 points or higher on the assessment. To put this into context, the median score for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment is 50.9. The B Impact Assessment focuses on five impact areas: Governance, Customers, Workers, Environment, and Community. The majority of RMG’s points have come from our efforts within the Workers and Community categories. We will continue to work on improving our impact in the Environment, Governance and Customers categories over time.

What does B Corp Certification mean for a
marketing agency like ours?

  • We want to hold ourselves to a higher standard, and to espouse values similar to the ones B Lab promotes. 
  • Becoming a B Corp means that we prioritize the well-being of our employees, and that of other internal and external stakeholders, offering company benefits and other provisions that will not only make people happier and healthier on the job but also hopefully keep them working here longer. 
  • We will use our collective voice to spread the word about the importance of doing business for good.

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