Author: Emily Thygesen

Two cable cars, one red and one green, traveling in opposite directions in the sky.

How A/B Testing Can Add Value to Your Ad Campaign

Take a look at the image above. Would you rather ride in the blue cable car or the red? Which one catches your attention first? Does one seem faster? Safer? More protected from the sun or wind? This “either/or” line of questioning forms the basis of a common type of

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Logo for the BSuite podcast hosted by Anne Richardson

BSuite Season 4: Highlighting 10 Nonprofits

When our team started planning the fourth season of the BSuite podcast back in the fall of 2023, we knew we wanted to do something different. The BSuite podcast had already established itself as our agency’s “megaphone,” giving voice to the diverse stories of purpose-driven leaders and highlighting the creative

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Anne outside the door of the Richardson Media Group office.

In addition to her role as owner and media director here at RMG, Anne authors the majority of our blog posts and hosts our BSuite podcast. Favorite topics for both platforms include the entrepreneurial journey, sustainability + social responsibility, media planning, media buying, and forming productive agency partnerships.