Richardson Media Group Team

Anne Richardson, Principal and Media Director at Richardson Media Group

Anne Richardson
Owner + Media Director

Anne launched Richardson Media Group to share her knowledge of today’s complex media marketplace. She brings extensive experience developing targeted media plans for organizations across a variety of industries, including financial services, technology, non-profits and education. Our clients value her deep understanding of the ever-changing paid media landscape, her strategic focus, and her thoughtful approach to campaign management. We love her commitment to maintaining the highest standards and her passionate vision for our future.

Marco Mottola, Digital Media Strategist at Richardson Media Group

Marco Mottola
Digital Media Strategist

Marco brings well-honed marketing skills to the execution of complex digital advertising campaigns that use paid social, mobile in-app, video, paid search, display, retargeting, and a host of additional audience delivery methods. Our clients value his technical know-how and dedication to optimizing digital campaigns that produce measurable results.

Abbie Haskell, Account Coordinator and Project Manager at Richardson Media Group

Abbie Haskell
Project Manager

Having received education internationally, Abbie prides herself on a well-rounded skill set and ability to see from many perspectives. Her professional background lies in copywriting and content creation, so she understands the hard work it takes to reach audiences. She values clear communication and lifting others up whenever and wherever possible. In Abbie’s position as account coordinator/project manager, she provides vital administrative and organizational support to our busy team.

Chelsea Bagley, Content Coordinator at Richardson Media Group

Chelsea Bagley
SEO Strategist

Chelsea comes to RMG specializing in SEO-friendly content and continuously researching the latest updates and trends to ensure our clients stay ahead of the ever-evolving SEO landscape. With experience working on campaigns both large and small, she knows how to create content that makes an impact. When she’s not working, you’ll find her at the soccer field with her husband and three kids or working on her website about non-toxic living and sustainability.

Headshot of Emily Thygesen, Marketing Coordinator at Richardson Media Group.

Emily Thygesen
Marketing Coordinator

Emily brings flexible thinking, curiosity, and a passion for to-do lists to Richardson Media Group. As a former independent school English teacher, she holds an appreciation for many of the same principles that make for a successful research paper: organization, originality, and trustworthy sources, to name a few. All that and her enthusiasm for effective communication work well with RMG’s commitment to our educational approach. Outside the office, Emily is an avid reader, amateur runner, and restaurant enthusiast.